Frequently Asked Questions

How do the workshops work now that the studio is closed?

Due to covid, we have had to restructure the way we do workshops.  We now will bring the workshop to you.  This keeps the creators in their family/friend "bubble".  You will be in the privacy of your own home or location of your choice with only your closest of friends and family.  Once you choose your location, the rest is business as usual.  Choose a date, Pick a project. Let's create.  

Can I make more than one project at a workshop?

Because of time constraints and the nature of how our DIY workshops run, we limit each person to one project at a time during a scheduled workshop.  We are always adding more dates and workshop projects, please check back with us often to schedule!

What are the prices for a workshop?

Prices for each workshop are based on the type of workshop being offered. Typically, prices range in price from $25 to $75 depending on the options you choose.

Do I have to pick my project ahead of time?

Yes. Project selection and personalization information for your project is required at the time of booking on our on-line registration form. Please be sure to double-check your spelling and information to ensure your project stencil (for wood workshops) and materials will be ready for you at the start of your workshop.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the custom nature of our workshops, registration fees are non-refundable but you are welcome to reschedule.

Do I need to tell you in advance what colors and stain I want to use on a wood project?

No, we have a wide variety of paint colors and stains to choose from. When you arrive we will show you examples of different color palettes to help you decide which paints and stains will look the best in your home.

How long does a workshop last?

The length of each workshop depends on the type of workshop scheduled. The typical workshop lasts 2-3 hours.

Do I need to be crafty or artistically talented to take a workshop?

Definitely NOT! Our workshops provide guided instruction in a relaxed environment. Just bring your DIY attitude and a willingness to learn and you will create a project you will be proud of!

How do I order custom projects?

We love making custom projects!  Just give us a call or message us via email or text to request the project you need made.  We do custom of any project on our project page and much more.  Send us a picture and we will do our best to make it for you.  

How long do custom orders take?

We ask you give us about 14-21 days to complete the project.  some may be completed quicker, it depends on what the project is and how detailed the project is.